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Green Pastures Wedding // Ian + Courtney

Ian and Courtney had their wedding at Green Pastures in Austin, TX.  You may have been to their restaurant Matties, or maybe not.  This wedding location is a green oasis in the middle of downtown Austin.  I’ve probably driven past it 100 times and never knew it was there.  It is truly magical.  Courtney wanted...

Vista West Ranch Wedding // Ronnie + Monique

Ronnie and Monique had their wedding at Vista West Ranch on August 26, 2017.  If you’ll remember, that date was the day that Hurricane Harvey came to Texas.  If you are from these parts, it’s a day we will never forget.  So many lost it all.  So many are still trying to put their lives...

Barton Creek Resort Wedding // Michael + Lauren

Michael and Lauren had their fantastically glamorous wedding celebration at Barton Creek Resort after having their ceremony at Emmaus Catholic Parish.   Lauren’s beautiful wedding gown was a soft shade of blush that made her look like a Disney princess.  It looked like she was floating every time she moved.  The bridesmaids were wearing a perfect...

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